Monday Morning Manager…Season on the Brink

Before we get to the Rangers, want to put in a plug for something Kevin Sherrington wrote in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday. If you have time – make time – then read the following. Then you can sound off on the Rangers.

Now to the business at hand:

1. Ron Washington believes the Rangers had six good games on the road trip and their season will turn around soon. Do you think so as well?

2. What should the Rangers do about third base during Hank Blalock’s absence? Is there a trade that they should pursue.

3. What should they do about the outfield while Brad Wilkerson and Jerry Hairston are out?

4. What is the No. 1 reason to come see a Rangers game this week?

5. What should the Rangers do about their starting rotation while Kevin Millwood is out?


The courage of the “Ritchies” of the world knocks my socks off…

and now sockless..

1. Not bad for a team in last last place…oh excuse me the Royals are there too.

2. Why fool with success it’s Vasquez’s job to lose.

3. Celebrate, Celebrate, dance to the music… Why fool with success leave it to the kids…Cruz, Diaz and Mahar…what does GCC’s finest have to do to prove himself. Diaz has 5 homers and last week hit at a .400 clip.

4. Minnesota’s not playing that well? Not going …until we get some front line pitching

5. Thank their lucky stars!

Reading about Richie reminds me that life’s too short – enjoy it and treasure it everyday.

1. What do you expect Ron to say? The reality is they have the second worst record in the AL, are 10 games under .500 and (almost) 10 games out of first in the worst division in baseball – there may be signs of life in a 2-4 road trip – but frankly – too little, too late.

2. No trades – this is team full of injured players going nowhere, fast – just play Metcalf, Kata and whoever else until Hank comes back.

3. In my never humble opinion – the OF should be: Victor Diaz in RF, Cruz 75% of the time in CF – Lofton 25% of the time – LF platoon between Jason Botts and Frank the Cat – Sammy at DH until hits 600 – then send him home.

4. I love baseball and I am a Rangers fans – I listen to Eric and Victor every game – with the TV on (and the sound turned down) – read everything I am able about the team, and (obviously) voice my opinion on them. However, I see no reason to pay that much money for parking, tickets and concessions to go to a game during this homestand – especially after reading Mr. Hicks remarks about “how it’s not about winning” and I only live about 4 miles from the Ballpark.

5. John Koronka

1. I like the positive attitude, but until this team can make it through a series without an error, we will continue to struggle. I’d like to say that we will turn it around, but with half the team on the DL, it’ll be hard.

2. I think Vazquez has filled the spot nicely, let’s see how he handles the Twinkies. I still think Metcalf needs some work in the minors, so I say Vazquez is the man for the job for now. I saw where the Rangers are targeting Edwin Encarnacion of the Reds as a possible trade. The kid is 24 and has pop to the bat, but his defense is horrible. I’m still weighing the options before I “stand firm” on anything. I guess we need to see more of Vazquez and then if it doesn’t work out we can look for a trade.

3. I think the Outfield is fine….for now. Diaz is starting to hit, Cruz has a heck of an arm, and Mahar has…well…himself.

4. 12 dollar parking……1 dollar hotdogs

5. cry…the rotation other than Tejeda is a joke. I’m shocked at Padilla’s record 1-6, plus everyone’s ERA is 5 or higher

1. How is this a good road trip? Sure, they beat the Astros two out of three, but what about that humiliating Devil Ray series? Washington drinks more of his own Kool Aid than any other blowhard in sports.

2. Why trade for a third baseman? What’s the point? Throw young guys and cheap guys out there. No sense in trading any kind of commodity to fill a position for four months as we go deeper in to the season. Crazy! Vasquez is a waste. Let Metcalf and Kata have the at bats.

3. Bring in young guys. Mahar, Botts and any other minor league guy should be getting those innings including Nelson Cruz, who has played well of late. And let’s start trade talks for Lofton and then sign Torii Hunter in a couple months.

4. Johan Santana and Dice K.

5. Isn’t Eric Hurley and Edinson Volquez just north in Frisco? How about Doug Mathis? No more Bruce Chen!

First – Great story by Sherrington. Thanks for the link, T.R. It’s those kinds of stories that remind you about the important things in life.

1. Yes, I do think so. Not because Wash says so, but because I think this team is far more talented than they’ve been showing. I’m not saying I expect this team to be contending for the West in September, but I do expect them to make a decent run in the months to come. Then again, I’m an incurable optimist when it comes to this team.

2. What do we have to trade at this point? I say stick with the young guys (Vazquez and Metcalf). The experience will help them and they’ve already proven they can help this team.

3. Cat’s coming back soon, so that gives them five to work with (Diaz, Cruz, Sosa and Mahar). I think we can piece one together from those players. I wouldn’t mind seeing Botts come up to platoon. Just don’t do it before this weekend. I’m selfish. I want to see him here in Des Moines.

4. If I lived close by, I wouldn’t need a reason, I’d just be there. Instead, I’ll be seeing the “baby” Rangers (RedHawks) Friday, Saturday and Monday in Des Moines.

5. Give Koronka a few more tries. Yes, he got a little rocked on Saturday, but he was one of the more reliable starters last spring. I think he can be again.

1. I don’t see it getting any worse but I’m not counting on a complete 360 either.

2. Put Metcalf back at Frisco. He needs time to develop. Play Kata and Vasquez. If a trade must be made then Edwin Encarnacion might be had for Scott Feldman or maybe Bruce Chen.

3. I don’t care as long as Diaz plays 5 games a week.

4. Because I bought tickets for Sat./Sun. a long time ago.

5. Let Koronka go again.

1. Define turn around. Will it get better – can’t get much worse. Will they be claw back into the race – no way.

2. No trade. Why? Unless there is someone we could get for nothing, there’s no reason to give away anything or anyone this season. I like the idea of moving Tex to third. Would increase his marketability when the Rangers trade him in the off-season.

3. Celebrate. Those guys stink. Get/keep our young guys up here and let them develop. What’s the worst that could happen – we’re already in last place and playing sub-.400 baseball?

4. The weather should be nice (if scattered storms avoid the Ballpark). Sammy’s getting close to 600. Our should-be CF is in town (Torii Hunter). And, our young starters will face three good-to-great opposing pitchers Tues, Wed & Fri (Santana, Bonser & Matsuzaka).

5. Keep letting the young guys develop, as they’re showing suprising signs of progress:

I’d say going 2 for 6 is not good in my estimation. RW never worries and that is a major problem. Since they have only won 4 out of 10 Divisional games, that too is should be concerning to him.

As for Blalock, I doubt he’ll be back this season. Go with what you have. Trading is not productive right now as the team is not going any place anyway. I suspect Good ‘Ol JD will trade just to say he “did something”. That too is a problem.

Develop the young guys. They will do the job, given the opportunity.

Watch an excellent team like Boston

The rotation does not really matter. Use all they have. They are course to finish 20 games under .500. Worry about 08-09

1. I don’t see how.
2. We should resign Mark DeRosa… oh wait…

3. We should resign Mark DeRosa… oh wait…

4. Sammy might cork number 600 this week! (Does anyone even care?) Plus, I get to not vote Rangers to the All Star game.

5. Trade for Darren Oliver!

Great questions in the mailbag today TR. I don’t want to trade Texiera, but i don’t want him walking for draft picks either. I agree get 3 major league players in return. Not sure who the Yankees have that they would be willing to give up.
1. No way. Washington is dellusional.

2. No, give Metcalf a chance. I don’t think Blalock is that big of a loss. He is too one dimensional always swinging for the fences. He doesn’t hit left handed pitching well enough for me. The deal that wasn’t: Danks and Blalock for Beckett and Lowell. This is a different team if Daniels pulls the trigger on that one!!!

3.Play Diaz, Play Mahar, Play Cruz. These guys are the future. Wilkerson should be dealt he strikes out too much. Soriano would look good in CF or LF right now! Hairston should be cut, have you found what the relationship between Hairston SR. and Washington is yet TR?

4. Get drunk. Well most people don’t go there to get drunk, but the bad baseball they see makes them do it. Ha Ha. Rangers are out of the game by second inning, well i may as well get drunk.

5.Bring up any pitcher including Hurley that may help for the future.

Did anyone else see the picture and article in the Startlegram today about Daniels? Did you see the beleagured look on his face? You have to admire the kid though, because at least he didn’t hide like the empty golf shirt did. He attempted to face the music. I still think he needs to be fired. Too many bad deals. Wouldn’t Massett, Danks, Young for starting pitching look well right now? How about Adrian Gonzalez at 1B as Teixiera exits stage left? You don’t hire people for responsible postions who don’t have experience, much less life experience. Because of his age and the fact that he probably was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is in way over his head. This isn’t fantasy baseball. This guy needed more seasoning. He probably ruined his career by accepting this postion. As the adage says: Too much Too quick. These youngsters don’t know anything about adversity and don’t know how to deal with it when things go bad.

Great link, TR. It’s nice to be reminded about what’s really important every now and then. Thanks for making my monday.

Now on to the questions:

1. If the Rangers season turns around at this point, we might have a shot at finishing .500. Might. This is not the Yankees. This team has just suffered to many injuries, and has dug themselves too deep a hole to come back and contend from.

2. Platoon Vazquez and Kata. Metcalf isn’t ready. Put him in another game or two this week, and ship him back to Frisco. Trading for that guy from the Reds would be stupid. We have two guys that can play the position. We don’t need to start dealing bullpen depth now (even though I would like to see Scott Feldman elsewhere).

3. Play Diaz every day. When Cat gets back, play Cruz in center for a game or two, just too see if he can handle it. He’s got a great arm. I’m still not sure what to make of Mahar, but I’m just glad Hairston is gone for at least a while. Oh, and play Kata out there occasionally too.

4. Because a real fan should support their chosen team, no matter how pissed off you are at the management, and no matter how much they stink. I hate the guy too, but remember, not going to the games is not going to help build up Tom Hicks’ “resign Mark Teixeira” or “buy some pitching” funds.

5. Trade Vicente Padilla, Willie Eyre, Scott Feldman and whoever else the Angels want for Dustin Moseley and Jered Weaver.

1.I think losing three to the DRays is inexcusable. We seemed to have played just well enough to lose..and what’s with all the errors? The Houston series was better but it will take a long time to get back to .500 even winning two out of every three for a while. We need a winning streak.
2. I say play Vasquez at 3B for an extended period until he proves he can’t handle it and throw Kata out there a couple of times a week to see what he has.

3.As far as the outfield goes, I would play Diaz in left, Mahar in center and Cruz in right for the most part and let Sammy DH. I would not even bother to play Cat because we need to see what these three guys have. We know Cat is dead weight (Mr. Automatic Out).

4.The best reason to go the Ballpark this week is to see Dice-K.

5. As far as the rotation goes, I would not waste starts on Koronka, he will never be a dependable starter. I would give some starts to legit prospect like Volquez even if he struggles. We will never know what we have there unless we let him make at least 20 starts. That’s what other teams do and we need to start doing it here. We are going nowhere this year and Millwood even when he comes back is no better than a No. 3 starter. Padilla is a joke.

1) Having been caught up in swarm of Ron-mania and the optimism, I boldly predicted a World Series for these guys. Maybe next year. It ain’t gonna happen this year. Recent play (2 of 3 wins versus Houston) don’t cloud my newly-emerging pessimism.

2) PLEASE, PLEASE, no more trades. Let’s give someone here the playing time, be it Kata or Vasquez. The time for evaluation is now…if we are realistic and are playing for the future. I see Hank as a first basemen when Tex leaves–unless Jason Botts can learn to play first.

3) I come here not to bury Brad Wilkerson, but to praise him….well,not much. He hasn’t been as extremely awful as he was last year. But, I’m glad other people can be evaluated out there. With both Hairston out and Wilkerson out, I’d see if Ruben Sierra can still swing a bat. I’ll bet he’d come here in a heartbeat, IF he can still hit. That way, we wouldn’t lose a player or prospect in a trade.

4) What is the chief reason to come out to the Ballpark this week?……….tick-tick-tick-tick-tick…….I can’t name one. TV is free.

5) While Millwood is out, I’d let Edinson Volquez see if he can harness his stuff. There’s no way like on the major league level to evaluate his talent, which he has a great upside. I’d let Mark Connor work with him. * * * *I know I’m whistling into the wind, but I still say I’d hire Fergie Jenkins to work with the young pitcher’s demeanors, techniques, knowledge, etc….he was terrific and I don’t know why the Rangers wouldn’t tap into his talent.

Hey people lets get this straight. Hicks obviously doesn’t need the money. In the news today, for those who are well rounded, rumor has it that he just offered over 1 Billion Dollars to acquire Cadbury Shwepps, the parent company for Dr.Pepper and 7 Up. Two franchises that he previously sold for over $423 million. I see a pattern here. With Hicks acquiring things that he previously had, does this mean that Melvin and Showalter aren’t far behind? I wish Hicks would sell the team. All he ever has for us is excuses. If people would attend games, i would spend more money on players. Well with the product that he has put upon us, why should i attend more games. Most people aren’t going to attend, not because we aren’t winning, but because we don’t play good baseball. Let’s face it we aren’t even a good minor league team. There are no simple solutions. WE HAVE TO GET BACK TO THE BASICS. Focus on doing the little things. I am glad that we won yesterday. But it is still Earl Weaver Baseball, an over dependence on the three run homer. We can’t count on home runs to win baseball games. We have to sacrifice, hit and run, advance runners. This isn’t happening. Too many times this year we have had runners in scoring position with either no outs or less than two outs and haven’t scored. This is killing us. With this pattern, have we seen Washington attempt a squeeze? No. Ridiculous. This guy needs to get more agressive. Be a competitor. Show some fight. Get his A#S kicked out of a game once in a while. Start a fight with another team. Become a team yourself. Nice guys finish last. Bye the way, i will continue to criticize Ranger Management until they become a management team and get us out of this mess that only they got us in. You are right i am pissed. Remember Eddie Chiles slogan, “I’m mad too, Eddie”.

Jason Botts PCL player of the week. .524 Batting Average, 1 HR and 9 RBI’s. I don’t see anyone else up here at the “major league” level doing this. Why isn’t this guy up here? Travis Hafner comes immediately to mind. Botts is a switch hitter has pretty much proven what he can do in AAA and doesn’t need to prove anything else, yet he hasn’t gotten a chance up here. This is driving me nuts. Do they not like the guy or are they just merely continuing their repetitive behavior of not giving their top prospects a chance? We don’t have a choice. He has to come up, he will probably do well up here, because the pressure will be off since we have been out of it for 2 weeks. Who do we need to talk to? Who is standing in his way? Get Sosa his 600 HRs and get him out of the way if he is blocking Botts. Botts is 26 years old and needs playing time. He should have been here 2 weeks ago. Give him a freaking chance! Daniels get us on a two year plan, commit to the youth and start dealing all the people that are either leaving via free-agency or won’t be with us in two years. In other words. Start building a freaking team. I think Diaz, is a player, Cruz will be if we stick with him. Kinsler is. Blalock is marginal. Young is, Mahar is better than Nix thought about being. Botts may be. Laird and Stewart may be good catchers. Start bringing guys up. I think you will see that they are more hungry than Wilkerson, Lofton and others. You will probably see more effort. Get rid of Catalanotto, Wilkerson, Lofton, Gagne, Teixiera, get something in return, maybe some players that can help. I am begging you to do this. Go back to the drawing board and come back young. This is what Detroit did and they added a few veteran free-agents. This should be our model. I remember a couple of their pitchers losing 19 or 20 games a couple of years and now they are good pitchers.

1. If their starting pitcher could ever be good for three or four turns in the rotation than this team could be decent.

2. If they think Ramon Vazquez is the answer than they are nuttier than they appear.

3. Nelson Cruz… please stick with him… please, please please. Don’t screw this one up.

4. I keep hoping to see that dog roaming around.

5. Time for Kameron Loe to pitch. Great guy, but let’s go

1. Yes I agree with wash but we still have to do more than just have a good 6 games.. We need consistent hitting and consistent pitching to turn this thing around.
2. I really think they should have kept Metcalf up there and let him play. Vasquez has done outstanding the past couple of games but we know his history and no hes not going to do it for the long haul. Give Travis a chance or go out and get Ensberg.

3. With Wilky and Hairston out they need to stick with a consistent outfieled to see what we have from those guys. Cat should play Left, Kenny at Center and Nelson and Right with Sammy DH. Obviously outfield is concern and we really need to try and get Hunter and the trade deadline. Hes the best fit for us.

4. The #1 reason to come to the game this week is that we are playing great baseball. Our bats are finally alive and we are going against some really really really good pitchers. We have Johan today and Dice K on Friday.. It should be fun to watch.

5. The Rangers have a huge problem with there starting pitching. Even after tonights outing I still think the Padillia signing was a BAD signing. Theres nobody thats ready to throw in the towel yet so pitching isnt going to be available on the trade block so we gotta keep giving internal guys chances

Nothing wrong with Tuesday’s loss to a superior pitcher. Santana was great…but it does illustrate the problem perfectly.

The Rangers have no pitcher to counter a Santana…we started off the year without one! (much less 5 of them) Kam Loe was simply pale in comparison…in essence he was out of his league. I should think the illustration will become even more clear when we face Matzuzaka.

We need a Jerry Jones to own this team. Jerry knows how to “git her done!~”

My comments are in my blog , but to answer your questions directly:
1) No, this patient is seriously sick and the status quo just won’t cut it

2) No trade to add a 3B – play some kids and see if they are any good.

3) Play the kids, bring up Botts, deal Lofton, Catman and Wilkerson (if possible)

4) To see Johann Santana, the best pitcher in baseball

5) Pitch the kids (this is getting redundant)

Tom and his hitlesswanderings has the exact plan that Tom Hicks needs to implement. All should read it. Really good stuff Tom. A great article with insight, something Hicks lacks!

1. Ron Washington believes the Rangers had six good games on the road trip and their season will turn around soon. Do you think so as well?

Ans: I am getting really tired of waiting for it to happen.

2. What should the Rangers do about third base during Hank Blalock’s absence? Is there a trade that they should pursue.

Ans: In you own words TR. You told us that Hairston made “the Missouri Valley Conference’s All-Centennial team earlier this month.” And that “he played third base there.” Put Hairston there when he comes back. For now, pick one young player who can play a decent 3rd base and play him there every day. Give him a chance to “settle” in and get into a rhythm. No trades!

3. What should they do about the outfield while Brad Wilkerson and Jerry Hairston are out?

Ans: Keep Cruz in right field regularly. Get Catalanotto back on the field every day.

4. What is the No. 1 reason to come see a Rangers game this week?

Ans: You have free tickets.

5. What should the Rangers do about their starting rotation while Kevin Millwood is out?

Ans: Better yet… what are they going to do about it when he comes back? Doesn’t everyone know yet? They don’t have the pitching!!

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