Monday Morning Manager…Spring Break Edition

Bats in camp: 650

Baseballs: 145 dozen

Loads of laundry: 25 per day

Towels used: 250 per day

Waffles made for breakfast: 21

People served for lunch: 81

Shoes cleaned: 75 pairs per day

Rolls of athletic tape: 15 rolls

Your opinion on Monday Morning Manager: Priceless

1. Who has the better team – the Rangers or the Houston Astros?

2. If you are the Rangers, what offer do you make to Mark Teixeira he can’t refuse?

3. What position in camp concerns you the most?

4. Nobody predicted Gary Matthews, Jr. to be the Rangers’ Player of the Year last season. What Rangers outfielder has the best chance of being their Player of the Year this year?

5. If you were a major league general manager, would you hire Ozzie Guillen as your manager?

That’s it, boys and girls. Headed back to Texas for a little R and R.


Me first !!!!! but I am in Australia and it’s tuesday morning already .. 2.50 AM :)
Glad I don’t have to clean all those shoes… wow it would have to be an all day job …

1/ Rangers but then again I am so biased GO RANGERS

2/Tex is a great player and does a lot for Dallas/ Texas people (similar to David before he was traded) I’m not real sure what the Rangers are going to do with Tex , we have Nate Gold coming up fast and he can play very well too. BUT can the Rangers afford to let Tex leave … NOPE !!!!! He’s another “face” for this club Offer him 5 years 100mil and see what happens?

3/ I have concerns with a few positions 3rd base, Left Field and 3rd-5th starters. I hope Wilkerson can be what he was expected to be last year. I hope Blalock can keep going all year rather than fading in the second half.We really need good innings from the 3-5th starters

4/Nelson Cruz .. he’s gotta be a chance if he picks it up a notch

5/I’d have to say .. when Ozzie came into the room .. sorry man your just not the person we are looking for. thanks but no thanks…

note:- your leaving sunrise??? R&R huh????? Hey the Rangers have just started their spring training games… Who can we rely on for all the goss while your away????? :) Take it easy .. have a massage, relax, you have a lot of work to do when you get back …lol

1.They both have similar starting pitching, even with the losses of Clemens and Pettitte. But the Astros certainly do have a better offense. The Rangers have a slight edge in defense (especially at 1B and OF), though.
2.Nothing will satisfy the yuppie agent Scott Boras. Whatever we offer Tex, Boras will tell him that he can get him more in free agency. Now, come free agency I think that Tex deserves more than what Paul Konerko got but less than what Carlos Beltran did.

3. Last two spots in the rotation and Catcher.

4. I hate to say it but I think Wilkerson has a pretty shot if he’s healthy like he says he is.

5. Depends on who was the guy that preceded him.

1) Better team – Rangers, hands down
2) 9 yrs/185 million

3) DH. a lot of question will need to be answered before this position can really be filled.

4) Wilkerson.

5) That’s sort of like asking if T.O. would be a good sports commentator. Not even going to answer that question.

Thanks T.R. Your Rangers coverage is always appreciated.

1. I’ll go with the Rangers based on Houston’s lack of bullpen depth and weak defense. Their rotation outside of Oswalt is pretty laskluster.
2. I don’t think the organization is willing to spend enough to keep him from testing the market. I’ll just throw out 90 million over five years with an option for a sixth at 20 million.

3. 4 and 5 spots in the rotation.

4. I’ll give Brad Wilkerson a slight edge over Nelson Cruz based on Brad’s experience in the NL and Nelson’s relative inexperience at the Major League level. I don’t think Sosa or Lofton will get the playing time necessary to win the award. As much as I love Frank’s game he just doesn’t have a lot of power.

5. I wouldn’t give Ozzie Guillen a job selling hot dogs. No disrespect intended to the fine vendors at Ameriquest Field.

Thank goodness spring training games are finally here. I can’t wait for April at the ballpark. The smells of fresh cut grass and hotdogs and the taste of an ice cold Shiner Bock aren’t far away.

1) The Rangers have the better team. Just my opinion, for several reasons.

2) I’d say, “Okay, Mark. You like the laid-back and family-oriented atmosphere here in Tarrant County/North Texas, right? He’d say, “Of course.” I’d say, “Mark, we’ve made a managerial move which sets well with you, the team, and the general manager has made some moves which will place the Rangers in a much better position to win-now and the future. Wouldn’t you agree?” He’d say, “Why sure.” I’d say, we just committed a slew of money to the future of this franchise in keeping Michael Young as a Texas Ranger, and we, being forward-looking, and wanting to have the other face of the franchise to be here to win and to grow with, so we would like to keep the Texiera family here in Arlington for his career, like Cal Ripken did for his career.” Tex would probably say, “I think that sounds like a good idea, BUT, I’ll need to check with my agent.” (THIS IS THE TRICKY PART): Hicks comes back with: “Hey, Mark, so you can have security for your lifetime as a player, and for our commitment to you, and take into account other regressive states have income taxes, and a much higher cost of living, so what we are offering is really more, regardless what Scott Whats-his-name says, and the Texas Rangers are prepared to make you an offer of $175 million, $45 million more than the contract of Alfonso Soriano, and we would include realistic incentives which could bring the total to near $200 million. This would provide security for your family forever, provide you and the team with stability, and go a long, long way to a winning climate here in Texas for years to come. No team can guarantee winning, BUT we have a tremendous upside, and since we drafted you in the first place, and believe in you, we want you here Mark.”


Mark: “I’ll do a Pudge, and bypass my agent, and do what I need to do because my heart says so. Where do I sign?”

(I have not been dipping into my black label Jack Daniels, I’ve given it up for Lent!) This would be my optimistic scenario. Will it happen? Not likely, but hopeful.

3) The position which bedevils me: anywhere where Brad Wilkerson roams.

4) The Rangers outfielder which has the best chance, would be….drum roll: Nelson Cruz. Doug Melvin did NOT want to part with him–I don’t know what JD slipped into Doug’s iced tea glass to get him and Carlos Lee, but kudos to JD for it.

5) Ozzie Guillen was a hot dog as a player, and if I remember right, wore patent leather/shiny-shiny shoes, and is mouthy as a manager. Bobby V. had a bit of the Armor franks in him too, but Ozzie is a pain in the keister. I’d hire many qualified people before resorting to some mouthy jerk who is always in the news. Wonder what ever happened to the Walt Alstons of the world?

I’d not hire any Ozzie-be it Guillen,

Osburne or Canseco.

1) Rangers. I’m pretty happy the Rangers picked up McCarthy rather than Jennings. Houston’s rotation looks a bit better, since they have Oswalt, but Rangers offense looks better. I think both have a good chance at post season appearances.

2) No such thing. It wouldn’t be prudent to put $20M for 10-yrs in front of him at this time.

3) 3B. Rangers need Hank to play at an All-Star level.

4) Wilkerson. Overall, the player most likely to be the Rangers player of the year is Mike Young.

5) Not a fan of his style. Probably wouldn’t hire him.

TR…It’s so “pricless” I “don’t leave home without it!”
1. I don’t think it’s close. The Rangers.

2. The same offer that Mikey got. They’re co-equal on the team.

3. Starting pitching…I keep thinking we’re one short

4. Nelson Cruz…it’s time for a breakout year…and please Nellie…no steroid scandal! I don’t think Wilkerson makes the team and I’m not sure he should.

5. I can take hot doggers but I think he’s rude and insensitive. I’d rather have Ron Washington!

1. I think the Astros are going to be in for a long season. They lost Andy and will probably lose Roger. Those are key losses to a starting rotation. They paid way to much for Carlos Lee and lost their center fielder Willy Taveras. Their offense should put up better power numbers but their bullpen has question marks every where and Carlos Lee is better fit for the AL when he can play DH. The Rangers have a lot of the “what if’s” but no doubt they would be a playoff team in the national league. I think they still have a strong chance to win the AL West, but it’s going to be a dog fight. The Rangers have a much improved rotation and their bullpen is lights out. Their infield is the best in the majors and they should be better than the Rangers two years ago when they were fighting for a playoff spot and chairs were flying out of the bullpen.

2. I’d offer him a partnership in ownership if I had too haha. Realistically I would offer him a deal that compares to Sorianos but with more incentives and a limited no trade clause. I’d let Tex know that he and Young are the core of the franchise and championships will be won through and by their leadership and play. I’d also point out that the team’s pitching is just going to get better and the team remains active in putting the best team on the field that has the best chance to win. Plus the team has a great players manager in Ron Washington.

3. That number two slot in the rotation is a little scary to me. Now that Padilla has his contract i just hope he doesn’t get contempt with mediocracy.

4. Ready for this prediction? Brad Wilkerson… yeah i know he was a huge dissapointment last season and I was just as upset about the results from a guy we traded soriano for. However, the man has talent and it’s safe to say he will never hit as bad as he did last season. The man has heart and if anyone doubts that then just look at the play in which he ran into the left field wall and a hundred miles an hour where you could hear the effects around the ballpark.

5. Not a chance. You can win ballgames without being rude and arrogant and doing his ridiculous rants. Give me the classy Bobby Cox or optimistic Ron Washington any day of the week over that fool.

1. Who has the better team – the Rangers or the Houston Astros?

2. If you are the Rangers, what offer do you make to Mark Teixeira he can’t refuse?

3. What position in camp concerns you the most?

4. Nobody predicted Gary Matthews, Jr. to be the Rangers’ Player of the Year last season. What Rangers outfielder has the best chance of being their Player of the Year this year?

5. If you were a major league general manager, would you hire Ozzie Guillen as your manager?

That’s it, boys and girls. Headed back to Texas for a little R and R.

1.Rangers bu far

2.I would offer him a private Clubhouse where he could prepare alone before games and about $252Million dollars,

no about 125M over 10years.

3.Last outfield spot and or DH

4.Nelson R.Cruz have you seen his power if not go watch batting practice, he puts on a show

5. No way Ill have Padilla peg AJ Persinki instead

1). The Astro’s are a better “team” the Rangers aren’t a team yet until they start advancing runners, sacrificing and putting the team ahead of individual goals. We have better players.
2) 7 years 126 million he won’t leave that if we start winning.

3) 3B Flipper Blalock. He is too inconsistent, stikes out too much and swings for the fences, he and Danks should have went for Burkett.

4) Nelson Cruz Melvin knows talent, i think if he knows he is going to play and relaxes it is just a matter of time. He is all we have fellows.

5) Guillen is a winner, but he obviously isn’t as educated as he needs to be in certain forms of etiquette, this could merely be a cultural thing or it may be that he is just an A## and doesn’t care. He seems way too sensitive for a person who supposedly has a thick skin. Too much drama. Be a man Guillen, the next thing he will be doing is crying on TV because no one loves him.

1. Astros have a slightly better starting rotation, Rangers have a much better bullpen. The lineups are pretty much a draw. I’d say they’re pretty much a draw.
2. 7 years, $135 million

3. 4th Outfielder/DH. Speed and defense is huge for this pitching staff. It’d be very concerning if Marlon Byrd doesn’t make this team at the cost of giving Sammy Sosa a spot.

4. Tough one. I’m thinking Brad Wilkerson is due for a breakout season.

5. Guillen runs his mouth too much, especially for the Dallas media. He’s not really a fit here. He creates too many enemies for no reason.

1. Rangers… deep bullpen and some underrated guys that look poised to have breakout seasons.
2. 7 years 112 mil… but i think it would take closer to 140 mil

3. DH is a problem area as long as Sosa gets at-bats… I was okay with the signing at first, but the more I hear him talk the more I hate this signing. I’d rather the Rangers roll with a platoon DH of Cat and Botts.

4. Nellie Cruz could knock a few over the wall this season, not to mention that cannon he’s got for a right arm.

5. Guillen seems to get involved in petty conflicts, to the point of downright immaturity. But you do have to respect the way he always steps up to defend his players. I’d give him an interview but I probably wouldn’t hire him.

1. Rangers. Maybe i’m biased, but I think they just have more talent all around.

2. Seven years, $115 million.

3. Outfield. Mostly just because it’s an almost entirely new outfield. I’ve seen Catalanotto play and trust him. Wilkerson is pretty reliable out there too. So I guess left field is alright. I’m still uncertain about center and right. I’m sure that’ll sort itself out soon though.

4. Probably Nelson Cruz although I’d really like to see Brad Wilkerson have a great year.

5. No. The drama he creates is unnecessary most of the time and I feel it would detract from the team’s positive attitude.

1 — Rangers
2 — I don’t think Boras would bite at anything less than seven years and $140 million. If Boras was Young’s agent, he’d still be unsigned. But really, would it be fair to give Tex more than what Michael just signed for?

3 — To me, we need a big year out of Hank (he needs to go back to hitting to all fields like 2004) and solid seasons from Tejeda and McCarthy. If Millwood and Padilla just pitch like they did last season and McCarthy and Tejeda both realize their potential this season, then folks, this could be the best rotation we’ve seen around these parts in a long time. Couple that with what looks like a strong bullpen (crossing fingers on Gagne), and is it possible we finally have a pitching staff in Arlington we can be proud of? We’ll see.

4 — Wilkerson. I know he has a lot of detractors on this board, but hey, I don’t think any of us could go up there and try to do arguably the toughest thing in sports — i.e. hit a baseball coming in at 90 mph — with one shoulder. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and at least see what he can do with two healthy shoulders.

5 — Ozzie Guillen has a huge chip on his shoulder. I truly believe he’s one day going to go the Woody Hayes route and do something he wishes he hadn’t done or said and that will be it.

1. The Rangers. A lot of that depends on how Lidge rebounds for Houston and how Tejeda and McCarthy pitch for the Rangers. Oswalt and Jennings is a nice top of the rotation, but I have more confidence in our bottom of the rotation. Our pen looks stronger and our hitting is still better even with the loss of Lee/Matthews/DeRosa/etc.

2. I doubt there is an offer you can make him that he can’t refuse. I would, though, willing to offer something along the lines of an 8 year 168 million dollar deal. Much like Vernon Wells, I think that is a deal he would have to think long and hard about.

3. The outfield. I have confidence in Catalanotto and Lofton, but they are not going to be playing all 162 games. This offense is going to rely a lot on Nelson Cruz, Brad Wilkerson, and Sammy Sosa.

4. Nelson Cruz or Ian Kinsler

5. Absolutely not. Guillen is a novelty. A managers job is to get the most out of his players, provide a positive atmosphere and keep an open line of communication between himself the his players. I don’t think Guillen goes that very well.

1. Easily the Rangers. They’ve got hope, depth, and a good manager to lead the way.
2. The same thing that they offered Michael. No more than that.

3. DH. Who knows what we’re gonna end up with.

4. Brad Wilkerson (I hope…I hope…I hope) He needs to prove himself or go to another team.

5. NOOOOOO Way. Ron 4 life. I might change that answer at the end of the season though.

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