Desert ball…Bubble gum tricks of the trade

Tejeda (Photo courtesy of Brad Newton)

Robinson Tejeda is the Rangers fourth starter but nobody escapes the old bubble gum on the hat trick. Some unknown teammate pulled it on Tejeda during Friday’s game with the Kansas City Royals.

Practical jokes naturally are a part of life in the Major Leagues, whether it’s bubble gum on the hat or the stunt that Nolan Ryan and others pulled on Scott Chiamparino back in Port Charlotte in 1992.

Ryan announced in the clubhouse that he had a $1,000 speaking engagement at noon in Punta Gorda, which was 20-30 minutes away. Said he was supposed to speak at the Rotary Club or something but couldn’t make it because he was pitching that day.

Ryan offered it to anybody who could make it. Chiamparino eagerly accepted and even rented a tuxedo for the occasion. You know the rest of the story.


That Chiamparino prank was great. I think one of the best I’ve heard was Richie Sexson dumping the red Gatorade powder in the Brewers’ hot tub and getting Curtis Leskanic all red because he couldn’t see what color the water was under the bubbles when he was in the hot tub.


Great to meet you today at the Rangers’ practice fields. Although I’m already on my way back home, I’ll definitely make this trip again. To any fans out there who love baseball, this is the place you must come. You’ll have access to players, baseball every day, and plenty of other things to do if you get an overdose of baseball.

Got a chance to meet Trey today. If anybody comes out to Spring Training, please stop and say hi. Always love to meet people, especially those who drop by the Elysian Fields

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