Desert ball…Payton's big day

Payton We should all be so lucky as to have a day like Payton Stevens.

Payton, 4, is from Arlington and showed up in Surprise on Thursday, dressed in his Rangers uniform to check out his favorite team while they worked out.

He was standing by the first base dugout on the Nolan Ryan Field taking it all in when Rangers public relations director Gregg Elkin rolled him a baseball.

Payton smiled, thanked him and put the ball in his glove.

A few minutes later, while Elkin was busy elsewhere, Rangers bullpen catcher Josh Frasier finished throwing a round of batting practice, saw Payton standing there and rolled him a ball as well.

So now Payton had two balls, right?

No. He had three. His mother was holding a ball too that someone had given him earlier in the workout.

So Frasier moves on, Elkin comes back, grabs another baseball and takes over to Payton.

"Here, you have a brother or sister?" Elkin asked.

"Yes," Payton replied.

"Here, give them this baseball," Elkin said.

Payton now had four baseballs.

A few minutes later, Rangers general manager Jon Daniels walked over to say hi to Payton and his dad. No, he did not give him a baseball.

But four in one day has to be some kind of record doesn’t it?

The Stevens family is going to be here for six days but they’re not spending all their time in Rangers camp.

They want to go over to the Milwaukee Brewers camp and see Kevin Mench, one of his favorite players.

(Photo courtesy of Brad Newton)

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Spring Training is awesome spot for coming away with a souvenir ball…Of course, it might say “Official Ball – Northwest League”, like my girlfriend’s did last year…but Suprise Stadium and the rock ditch that surrounds the practice fields are like an Easter egg hunt for baseball fans.

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