Notes in A Minor

* While people are passing out Minor League contracts, Juan Gonzalez is still out there. Jesse Sanchez reports that he is going to play for Puerto Rico in the Caribbean World Series.

* Chris Davis was at Class A Spokane last year. German Duran was at Class A Bakersfield. Both are at the Rangers mini-camp this week. Both received as much individual instruction on their defense from manager Ron Washington as did Hank Blalock. Maybe more.

* The Rangers have stockpiled candidates for their fifth starter spot at the Major League level, which may make it tougher for some of their Minor League prospects to move up right away. Looks like the Double A rotation at Frisco will likely start out with Eric Hurley, Paul Kometani, Daniel Haigwood and Doug Mathis.

* New Frisco manager Dave Anderson? He was on deck with two outs and nobody on, bottom of the ninth inning, Game 1 of the 1988 World Series for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He was supposed to pinch-hit for the pitcher. When the batter walked, Tommy Lasorda called him back and sent up Kirk Gibson.

* The Rangers don’t appear inclined to push John Mayberry Jr. and he’ll likely start the season at Class A Bakersfield. Maybe a big spring will change that. John Whittleman will likely repeat at Class A Clinton.

* Oops. It’s nice that our Minor League people keep writing about what a great winter that left-handed pitcher Derek Lee is having in the Dominican Republic. But he is no longer in the Rangers organization.

* Rangers officials are quietly talking about Luis Mendoza, a 23-year-old right-hander picked up from the Red Sox organization during last season. He was 2-4 with a 7.75 ERA in seven starts at Frisco but is 4-2 with a 3.85 ERA in the Mexican League this winter. He could be a guy to watch this summer.

* Class A Bakersfield hitting coach Brant Brown, who played in 424 games and had 1,056 at-bats in the Major Leagues, was operating Bakersfield Swing, an indoor batting cage before the Rangers hired him.


I know this is unrelated to today’s article, but can anybody tell me what picks the Rangers have in the 2007 draft? I remember seeing it somewhere on the site, I just don’t recall where.

Mendoza didn’t come from the Pads. He came from the Red Sox in exchange for Bryan Corey.

Or are you thinking of Juan Jimenez, the RHP we got from the Pads for Manny Alexander? Or Cesar Rojas, who came over from SD with Freddy Guzman in the Hudgins/Sinisi deal?

Juan GONzales…. He must be in his 40’s isn’t he?

Sign him up, heck Franco is 50… Maybe we can get him on the egg diet too….

To bad there’s not senior baseball, we’d have a heck of a team… Might be world champs, if we brought back all of our ex players.

Hicks spends $225 Million for a soccer team! Ridiculous! Why are we signing washed up baseball players, Sosa, for low salaries if you have $225 Million to spend on a soccer team? If you have that kind of money, then you keep Soriano, Lee, DeRosa, Matthews and sign some frontline starting pitchers. Hicks is an idiot! He obviously doesn’t understand or care what the fans perception is of him! I am no longer a Ranger fan. This soccer deal did it for me. I have sat by ever since Hicks purchased the team and saw his penny pinching ways. I have watched numerous quality players come and go because he refused to pay them market value. Most of these players would have stayed here if they could have gotten market value. Pudge Rodriquez comes to mind immediately! He is one of many players. Goodbye Hicks and that teenage GM you have. Tell Sosa to put a cork in it he is done! Oh that’s his bat, i am sorry!

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