Sunday Remembrance of Rangers Past…Mike Stanton

* Mike Stanton was acquired by the Rangers on July 31, 1996 for pitchers Kerry Lacy and Mark Brandenburg. He pitched in 22 games in the final two months and was 0-1 with a 3.22 ERA.Stanton

* Stanton, this season, was traded by the Washington Nationals to the San Francisco Giants on July 28. The Giants are the sixth different franchise he has pitched for. He has had two seperate stays with the Yankees, Red Sox and Nationals.

* He has pitched in 1,104 games since making his Major League debut in 1989, the most of any active pitcher and third most in baseball history.

* He has pitched in 20 World Series games, tied with Mariano Rivera for the second most in history. Whitey Ford pitched in 22 World Series games. He is third in post-season appearances with 53. Rivera has 72 and Jeff Nelson has 55.

* Stanton’s 1.54 ERA in World Series play is the 15th lowest in history, minimum of 23 innings.

* Stanton is 8-for-22 as a hitter,  .364 average that is the third highest for a pitcher with at least 20 at-bats since 1974. Former Ranger Terry Matthews has the highest. He was 9-for-23, a .391 batting average.

* Stanton’s entrance music is Aldo Nova’s Fantasy.

* Stanton played at Midland (Tx.) High School as a center fielder but didn’t pitch until junior college. He went to Alvin Junior College and was signed by Red Murff, the same scout who discovered Nolan Ryan.

* He has made one Major League start on May 9, 1999 while with the Yankees and threw four scoreless innings in a 6-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners. He started because Ramiro Mendoza was ill. At the time he had pitched in a Major League-record 552 games without starting one game.

* He was traded by the Nationals to the Boston Red Sox with just four games left in the 2005 season. Ended up pitching one game for the Red Sox.

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The Rangers would not have won the West in 1996 without Stanton. He was a band-aid for a failing bullpen that year. The next season the Rangers signed John Wetteland from the Yankees, clearing the way for their skinny little setup guy, Mariano Rivera to be the best big game closer in MLB history.

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