Monday morning manager…the long road home

Time for others to take their swings. So step up to the plate and deliver your rants as the Rangers get ready for two games with the Detroit Tigers.

1. What do you think is the No. 1 reason why the Rangers won’t make the playoffs?

2. How important is it for the Rangers to finish with a winning record?

3. How is that David Dellucci-Robinson Tejeda trade looking?

4. Has your opinion of Carlos Lee changed since the trade?

5. If Barry Zito was willing to come to Texas, would you give him six years and $90 million.


1. The Number 1 reason: lack of healthy pitching
The Number 2 reason: lack of reliable bullpen pitching early in the season

The Number 3 reason: inconsistent starting pitching

The number 4 reason: a 13-16 record from July 15 – August 15 – while Oakland went 20-8 during that same time period.

2. I’m guessing it’s important to the manager (for job security reasons) to the owner (possibly for marketing reasons) – it doesn’t appear to be important to the players (7-8 in the last 15 games). I don’t think a winning record makes any difference, I think it is more important to use the last 18 games to try out some of the younger players in order to figure out what positions can be filled from within the organization before deciding on how to (wisely) spend on free agency in the off-season.

3. Looking much better than it did earlier in the season.

4. I’m going to play the numbers game and compare him the player he replaced:

Carlos Lee: 42 games .318 AB, 54 Hits, 4 HR, 22 RBI, 13 BB, 17 K

Brad Wilkerson: 80 games .237 AB, 71 Hits, 12 HR, 41 RBI, 33 BB, 97 K

While Wilkerson is a better defender and has some better HR numbers – I’d still take Lee (at the right price).

5. Ha-ha-ha. I needed a good laugh this morning.

1.Starting pitching. Starting pitching. Not making Soriano move to OF. Starting pitching
2. They should, whether it’s important or not!

3. If this team thinks that David Dellucci is the answer, delusion runs rampant

4. Teixeira is better with Carlos Lee behind him, which is why they miss Soriano

5. Are you talking about the guy they once drafted and then let get away because of $25,000?

1. Higher payroll. New manager. Goodbye Blalock! Let him join Mench and Nix!
2. Not if it means the manager keeps his job

3. Robinson Tejeda rocks!

4. Keep Lee. Trade Blalock

5. Of course

1. Everybody will say pitching, but it’s really poor production from almost all key players – particularly Blalock, Eaton, Cordero, Mench, Tex, Wilkerson.
2. Not important at all

3. Liked it when it was done, still like it.

4. Not really. He’s a good player, but he is going to be VERY expensive to re-sign (we already knew that too!)

5. Five year deals for finesse pitcher = bad deal

I have never got anywhere before so trying for my last time. Now I have been so sick this season not able to route my team as I always do and usually it helps or seems to. Now Josh and Tom are on a new messenger but never got anywhere there is. My comment is I have been a die hard Ranger fan win or lose since I moved to Texas in 1987 and live in Arlington. I use to tend the games all the time. Then had a blood clot in my spine and have been paralyzed since 1996 when they won the first pennant. Now I just wish they could know how much I love the team and even though I just had dbl hip surgery I am still behind them totally. So if you can tell Josh and Tom that I said hello and that my Team is still my Team. I can’t say anything bad about them cause they live in my heart. Yes please have a winning season and I will be with you all the way next year. Can’t point the finger a lot went wrong just like with me all at the same time. I lived through it and so will my Rangers.

Pamela R. Spruiell

u r an amazing person and i love u mom

Let me answer a question with a question. What did the Rangers teams in the mid 1990s have that this one doesn’t that got them to the playoffs? I don’t remember Rangers pitching as anything special even then. Was it Juan Gonzalez? Rusty Greer? Every year I think this is the year that Texas is going to put together some long winning streaks and end up significantly over .500. Let’s find out what Oakland is doing and copy it.

Jim in Edmond, OK

1. I think Eleanor hit it right on the head. Lack of Consistency…Period. I can remember when Kam Loe pitched alright but DeRose missed played a ball in the outfield that cost him runs or when the starting pitcher had a nice game but the offense couldn’t score. Even worse, early in the season when Coco just flat blew it. 5 Times. in a month! Thats why. Lack of Consistency. pure and simple.
2. Forget a winning record. If you have ever played even a simple game of checkers you know it feels good to win. I truly believe these players want to win every day. If they play hard and in the end, the record has more wins than losses, so be it.

3. I always liked David but we have always needed starting pitching more…more ..more…more… Our GM took a chance. I liked the trade when Tejeda stank. I really liked the trade after the last 5 starts. I will love this trade if he can win 15 games for us next year.

4. Yes it has and not for the better. Give me Nelson Cruz and the draft picks, oh yeah and put Jason Botts in Left field. Thanks!

5. Might big if TR….but if I am willing to play your game then HECK YES!!!! little worried about his BBs but he is top 10 in almost every good category you can look at.

I got the call, so here I am. Put me in, coach. Yeah, I don’t know.
1. I know this will sound nothing shy of blasphemy to many, but I think many of the key pieces to a potentially successful team are already in place for the Rangers. They are closer to a postseason run, in my mind, than they seem. But get a healthy season out of a few, key guys, including Eaton and Wilkerson, get the offense going early and often (and to show some relentlessness at the plate every AB), and find a way as a club to stay in a positive mindset and not fall victim to the trends of so many seasons past. And, one thing I’d like to see this club do: name a captain, someone who will lead the troops (and it doesn’t have to be Tex)and keep the hopes for the season afloat.

2. It would be nice. This is a good time to figure out what’s right about the club and what improvements might be in order.

3. Dellucci will always be missed, not only as a great individual, but also as a player who was, I think, on the verge of a breakout season. Tejeda, though, was a good pick-up. He might surprise a few of his doubters next season.

4. I know there’s some power hiding in that bat, just waiting to break out. Carlos Lee is probably not hitting too many home runs because he’s trying too hard to hit them. But he has shown that he is a good, discriminating hitter, and he will have a big season for somebody next year.

5. As much as I’d like to see Zito become a Ranger, I don’t know about such a deal. You’d have to ask, if I can only sign one pitcher this off-season, would it be Zito? If so, well, sign him. And forget everybody else. You can’t afford them.

1. Poor pitching along with the inability to put a winning streak together or stop losing streaks.
2. Not IMPORTANT, but good for morale. More about giving the young pitchers a shot.

3. I like the Tejeda trade when it was made, but it didnt look to good early on. Looks great now. I imagine Dellucci will be with a T on his hat next season.

4. Yes. I hope they spend that money elswhere. Say, on the mound.

5. No. I say get two quality started for that kind of money, maybe 3. Guys like Eaton, Padilla, Lilly, etc.

I think that would lead to the team being “in” more games, more often. Give the offense a chance to win.

1. Plain and simple: They’re not good enough! The fact of the matter is that we are not as good as Oakland or Anaheim. Both of those clubs have had the same core of players for several years now, as have we. Our core is simply not as good as the core of those teams. That is something that not many are willing to admit but it’s the truth. Until we improve every area of the team, this is going to continue. We need better players.

2. Who cares!? The bottom line is getting to the playoffs and the World Series. If you ain’t there, it doesn’t matter where you are. The main thing right now is what is transpiring in the front office because the decisions that are made in November and December are as important this year as they have been in a long time.

3. Ok. Tejeda is doing well. I want to see him get 30 starts next year, though. It is still too early to evaluate this trade. Most trades are best evaluated 3-5 years down the road. We’ll see what happens with this. If Tejeda sticks in the rotation for a year or two, then it will be a win.

4. Yes and no. I was never a big Lee fan. I always thought he was ok when he played in Chicago. He was behind Ordonez there. He blossomed in Milwaukee, which was a bit of a surprisethe res. I think what we are seeing from him now is closer to where he is going to be for the rest of his career. I, personally, would prefer that we not spend on him and go after Matthews and then make a big-time run after Vernon Wells. The thing about Lee is we do need a big bat in the middle of the lineup. If you don’t resign Lee, then Teixeira will have no protection. While Lee has struggled I don’t think it’s an accident that Tex has been hitting better since he got here.

5. If Barry Zito was willing to come to Texas, would you give him six years and $90 million. No way! Going six years on a pitcher is over the line. We went too long with Millwood in going five years. Zito is good but not that good.

1. I think it’s much to expect the Rangers to always out hit the other team so it comes down to pitching from start to end and being consistent throughout the season.
2. It be better to not finish in the gutter. but the comment above is right, playoffs or bust and it was a bust no matter what.

3. Tejada is good and upcoming. It looks like a fair deal so far.

4. Lee was a great addition to boost some pop in the line up and still is a great bat to have in the lineup especially at the Ballpark. Now if they can find another bat to perhaps replace Hank that is more consistent.

5. I smell another Chan Ho deal…I hope they don’t go there again.

1. What do you think is the No. 1 reason why the Rangers won’t make the playoffs?

It’s the pitching, stupid. While I agree with others that Tex’s production has been off, and while we miss Soriano’s bat tremendously, you cannot have the fifth worst ERA in the league and win. Our bullpen has been lights out, no matter what assumptions some make. But our rotation has been full of “if onlys.” If only Eaton had been here a full season…if only Loe had a third pitch…if only Millwood could figure out TBiA…if only Roger Clemens had signed…

2. How important is it for the Rangers to finish with a winning record?

It’s not to me, but I hope it is to the players.

3. How is that David Dellucci-Robinson Tejeda trade looking?

I agree with Kent. Talk to me in 2 years. If Tejeda has 25-30 wins by the end of 2008, then it’s a HUGE win for JD. If he tanks, then the second-guessers come out. Either way, while we’ve missed having a left-handed DH who can lead off this year, we need the pitching more.

4. Has your opinion of Carlos Lee changed since the trade?

Not really. He is what he is–a future DH who can mash the ball. It should speak volumes that rarely a night goes by when Buck doesn’t replace him in the late innings with JHJ. I say don’t sign him, not for the money he’ll cost, unless he’s willing to DH at least half the time next year.

5. If Barry Zito was willing to come to Texas, would you give him six years and $90 million?

Maybe I’d pay him five years, but no way for six. He won’t sign for less than $18 million a year, though, except maybe for San Diego. If he goes to NY, it will be for five years and $90 million, no less. He’s a very good pitcher who had one exceptional year. But is he good enough to overcome his flyball tendencies at the TBiA? Not so sure about that…

I think Kent made some good points, but I don’t agree with him completely. I think the core of the Rangers’ team is good enough to make the playoffs – in the next year or two. Think about our teams from the 90’s. Guys like Juan Gonzalez and Ivan Rodriguez were in their 5-6 season with Texas before they made the postseason. The Angels in 02 are a good example. That team had guys like Washburn, Salmon and Percival that had been toiling there for years…Patience pays off with a good young core of players and that’s what the Rangers have. Don’t blow up a great group before it fully develops. I believe Young and Teixeira (and maybe Blalock) are exactly the kind of foundation we need in Texas.

1. Injuries and subpar seasons from a lot of areas. Tex, Blalock, Mench, Eaton and Cordero are all great examples with Wilkerson the prime suspect. Things just didn’t quite click like they needed to for Texas to make the playoffs.

2. I think it’s very important for the morale of the players, management and fans alike…It may also help when you’re talking to free agents.

3. The breakout season for Delucci came last year. I think it was brilliant to trade him when his stock was high, but I wish we could have gotten a little more. I still like this deal.

4. In my mind, Lee has been as advertised – this trade was a good one. I think he fits in well and the Rangers need a guy in the middle of the order like him. If he is willing to come back for a decent price, sign him.

5. I think Zito is a bit overrated. He’s a great pitcher, but certainly not worth 90 million. The Rangers threw their ace money at Millwood, so signing two more quality starters would be a lot wiser use of Hicks’ money.

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